Karlup Wheels In Motion indigenous Corporation encourages and supports physical and mental fitness through outdoor activities. Having fun on bikes, skateboards,  and scooters in a safe environment is our mission! Learn new skills, improve your existing skills and enjoy our inclusive clinics where everyone belongs and no one is left behind.

Get active

Being physically active can improve brain and body health! join our clinics to increase wellbeing for a positive effect on your family & school environment. Our group activities assist in a positive attitude towards learning and interacting with others on bikes, scooters, and skateboards. Improve cognitive skills during bike control on equipment provided. Our mentors support validation of connection to culture, respect for self, peers, and property.

How We Promote Generational Wellness


Provide a positive & safe environment for physical and mental fitness


Promote inclusion through social interaction


Inspire youth to break cultural barriers


Encourage respect for self and peers

Our partner

We are proud to partner with Act Belong Commit

Our mission and objective is to promote the link between physical activity and mental well-being.

our purpose

Our objectives

Promote health & wellbeing

We promote the link between physical activity & positive mental health. Physical activity improves negative emotions, resilience, and self-esteem. Our activities aim to improve social development skills during a Fun, Inclusive and Informative clinic.

Respect individual & cultural needs

Our clinics expand the awareness of cultural needs through inclusive activities. Our CALD mentors strengthen validation of connection to culture and respect for self and property. We aim to amplify respect in the community, diminish social barriers and encourage cultural humility within our youth.

Support for All Youth

All youth are our future regardless of socioeconomic disadvantage, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, education, and ability. We promote empowerment during responsive learning and encourage character development through friendships made amongst our youth.

Have fun in a safe environment

Emerging generations inspire collaboration, trendy vibes, and exchange breathtaking skills regardless  of ability. During our clinics there is no pressure to conform. Uniqueness is celebrated while we work at closing the gap in a fun filled, safe environment.

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